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Compact Stand-alone Controls for 1 axis or Multi Axis Systems up to 30 Axes: OMC/TMC 
Technical Details
    • Programmable stepper motor controller for 1 or 2 axes
    • Bipolar control of 2-phase stepper motors
    • Phase currents up to 9 APEAK
    • Supply voltage 50 VAC to 70 VDC
    • Step resolution up to 1/20 step
    • RS 232 or RS 485 interface
    • Programming in the well-tried MINILOG format
    • Analog inputs e. g. for joystick
    • SFI step failure indication
    • Incremental or absolute encoders can be connected
    • 16 digital inputs / 8 digitale outputs per axis
    • Interface for the BT5 AM operator panel 
    • Compact design for DIN rail or wall mounting
    • New: Linear and circular interpolation of two axes
    • New: Change of frequency and target position during operation
    • New: ProfiBus interface - GSD file
  • Available Models

    • 1 or 2 axes controller
    • Built-in power stages or optional connection of external power stages
    • RS 232 or RS 485 interface
    • Additional boards (for 1 or 2 axes): step failure indication SFI or AD converter
    • With mounted fans
    • DIN rail or wall mounting kit
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