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Vacuum Stepper Motors VSS / VSH: 19 – 125 mm 
Dominant: solutions that perform in extreme conditions 
Phytron’s VSS stepper motors are the result of more than 30 years of experience in space technology. The specially designed two phase, hybrid stepper motors can be used in vacuum environments up to 10 -11 hPa. They are optimal for extraordinary environments such as deep and high temperatures or extreme radiation intensity. 
Technical Details
    • Stepper motors for vacuum applications
    • Vacuum classes:
      Fine vacuum up to 10-3 kPa
      High vacuum up to 10-7 hPa
      Ultra high vacuum up to 10-11 hPa (dry bearing or greased bearing)
    • Winding temperature range from –20 to +300 °C
    • Radiation resistance up to 106 J/kg
    • Holding torques from 3.4 mNm to13 Nm
    • Diameters 19 to 125 mm
    • Number of steps: 200 (1.8°) standard
    • Step accuracy 5 %
  • Optional:

    VPGL planetary-/Harmonic Drive gear, Thermal element type KTC/ Pt100 resistor sensor, resolver, double shaft

    Customized design:

    Operating in an agressive environment, clean room compatible, motors with spindle

    Press release: 'Motors for use in a vacuum'

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