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Particle Acceleration - High Precision Stepper Motor Technology for Scientific Applications

Stepper Motor Technolgoy for Vacuum, Cryogenics, High Temperatures and Radiation.

Our EXTREME stepper motors are costefficient, clean and reliable even within extreme environments. The EXTREME series is developed and built to resist vacuum, cryogenics, high temperature and radiation while maintaining high performance, precise positioning, long life and low impact on their environment.


Phytron has built a reputation for producing high precision motors for extreme environments since 1984. Our EXTREME stepper motors are the result of more than 30 years of experience in space technology. More than 250 space motors are driving successful projects - know-how we use to optimise our EXTREME series for industrial and scientific applications in the matter of performance and cost efficiency.


Placing the motor directly in the environment simplifies the customer’s design by eliminating the need for cumbersome mechanics and feed-throughs. Our stepper motors, power stages or controllers are already driving UHV-Applications in PETRA III (DESY), PANTER(MPE), SOLEIL, Mégajoule and many other projects.

Motion Control for particle accelerators: in-Vacuum and Cryo motors & multi-axis motion controller

Application Whitepaper: 'in-Vacuum automation' as PDF-Download

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      • Stepper motors for extreme ambient conditions
      • Vacuum applications up to 10-11 hPa
      • Temperature range from –20 to +300 °C
      • Radiaton resistance 102 to 106 J/kg
      • Special models for clean room operation
      • Optional: gear, coupling, 2nd shaft, temperature sensor, etc.
  • Bench, rail, sub rack or wall mounting
  • Main- and intermediate supply module 24 to 70 VDC
Main Controller
  • Controls and administers up to 64 modules
  • Programm  and register memory up to 4 MB
  • Internal memory expandable with future memory modules
Host Interface
  • Selectable: RS 485, RS 232, RS 422, CAN, Ethernet, ProfiBus/ProfiNet
  • 4 Axes High End Indexer
  • Indexer Interface
  • Digital I/O
  • Analogue I/O 
  • Integrated Touch Panel
  • Customised
  • Stepper motor controller with integrated power stage for SIMATIC ET 200S®
  • For 2 phase stepper motors
  • 5 APEAK at 24 to 48 VDC
  • Up to 1/512 microsteps
  • Online controller parameterization and diagnostics
  • STEP 7® programming
  • Suitable for low temperatures: He (-269 °C) or N2  (-196 °C)  
  • Ultra high vacuum applications up to 10-11 mbar
  • Radiation resistance up to 106 J/kg
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Customized design: Titanium housing - Space - Reduced magnetic emission
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