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Arduino automation - free as a bird!

Automation to position stepper motors with ease.

With the Arduino open source prototyping platform there are benefits of a wide-spread, standardised development environment for automation projects. As a customer-oriented company for ambitious projects we appreciate the features of an open and flexible development environment.

Integrate this open source environment via open interfaces with high performance motor driving technology and benefit from well-proven technology frequently used in optical systems, industrial applications or scientific experiments.

To enable you to use our high-end power stage for driving a stepper motor, we have developed an interface board to integrate our APS power stage technology seamlessly into the Arduino world. The Arduino Shield and the APS power stage achieve high precision positioning combined with smooth running. Combining these capabilities, the APS Shield empowers you to attain highly ambitious applications in science, prototyping, model making or installation art.
Of course, you can also use the APS to drive our precision stepper motors for more down to earth applications and in the most extreme of environments.



Integrate our APS stepper motor power stage into your Arduino Aaplication: The Arduino APS Shield.
  • OEM power stage module
  • For 2 phase stepper motors 
  • Up to 5 APEAK at 24 to 70 VDC
  • Up to 1/512 step resolution
  • Up to 500,000 steps/sec
  • Online parameterising and diagnostic via SPI interface
  • Control via Control Pulses / Direction or via digital Sin / Cos (via SPI)
  • Compatible with our Arduino-APS-Shield
  • Mains supply voltage 115 / 230 VDC
  • Internally fused mains input
  • Mains buffering 30 msec
  • Output voltage 48 VDC / 5 A or 24 VDC / 10 A
  • Permanently short circuit-proof output
  • Over voltage protection primary and secondary side
  • All fields of application at a glance
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