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Since 1st of August 2013 the corporate name of "Phytron-Elektronik GmbH" is „Phytron GmbH“.
Ongoing contracts are automatically demised to „Phytron GmbH“.
The Munich-based industrial holding Stemas AG (www.stemas.de) has acquired a 51% stake in Phytron GmbH (www.phytron.de). The founding families members Managing Director Birgit Hartmann and the confidential clerk Johannes Schmid are happy about the new co-partner and the obtained long-term security for the company.

Phytron is thus part of a strong group of medium-sized industrial enterprises, which act independently in the market and benefit from each other. The now seven companies in the portfolio of Stemas AG (in 2013 with about 430 employees and EUR 56 million turnover) - work primarily in the fields of industrial electronics and mechanics. With this support, the Phytron GmbH will develop and expand the good position on the world market for stepper motors and drive electronics.
JUNO arrives at its destination with Phytron on board
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