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Discontinued Products and follow-up Products

On this page you find our discontinued products and the follow-up products. Step into the future and experience a new generation of high quality positioning technology!

Because our products are capable of doing their duty far beyond warranty we will offer rapair and service even for our discontinued products - depending on component availability. Service & Support

Motors & Actuators

Product     EndOfLife       Repair        follow-up Product      Annotation
PSMOct 31,2012 ---  




Driver & Controller

Product      EndOfLife      Repair       follow-up Product     Annotation
 IXE Dec 15,2015
 Dec 31,2018
 CCD+  Jul 27,2015
 Dec 31,2020 MCD+  
 CLD+  Jul 27,2015 Dec 31,2020 MCC2-LIN  
 PAB+  Jul 27,2015 Dec 31,2020 ZMX+  
 MR8+  Jul 27,2015 Dec 31,2020 --- 
 A32-48  Jul 27,2015 Dec 31,2020 --- 
 GSP Dec 31,2012 Dec 31,2017  
 MSM Dec 31,2012 Dec 31,2017 APS 
 PCA Dec 31,2012   no online information available
 PCI Aug 31,2012 --- phyMOTION
 PhyMac-3 Oct 31,2012 --- --- 
 ZSO   ZMX+ | MSX depending on ZSO-Model; different pin assignment
 ZSX Dec 31,2012 Dec 31,2017 ZMX+ different pin assignment
 ZMX   ZMX+ 








Mechanics & Equipment

Product     EndOfLife      Repair         follow-up Product      Annotation


Interface & Programming

Product      EndOfLife      Repair        follow-up Product      Annotation




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